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Cut creation time & costs by 90%
Go straight from concept to completion.
Full flexibility. No design compromises.

Quick, easy and powerful CMS website system

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CMSsites is a powerful web content management system that allows you to design, create and manage user-editable Web 2.0 websites with full personalization and secure access control.

Not a template system - you have full design flexibility - plus:

  • User-editable pages
  • Secure Log-in
  • Data managment
  • User managment
  • Forum
  • Multiple-level Access
  • Managed News-system
  • Integrated email-system
  • Form-template 'plug-ins'
  • E-commerce engine
  • Easy administration of content, memberships and registrations.

CMSsites is the easiest way to create and host Web 2.0 websites with full content management.
There is no limit to the size or complexity of the site, or the number of user groups and levels of permission that you can assign. 

  • easy to implement
  • no programming required
  • flexible, adaptable
  • full content management
  • unparalleled functionality

    CMSsites simply makes your life easier.

Content Management System.

Download free web content management system

CMSsites installs onto your own Windows PC either local or hosted.

CMSsites comes with a free starter site that will have you in business in minutes, but it is a fully flexible platform that can be extended and customized to grow with your organization - and ambitions.

 Single file installer - easy!



Simple download. Easy install.

  • Multiple Mailing Lists
  • Multiple permission levels
  • Customize design
  • Work direct from your browser from anywhere


  • Complete CMS system
  • Flexible design
  • Easy administration
  • SEO - friendly
  • Built-in search engine
  • RSS feed enabled
  • No coding, scripting or database management
  • Unlimited ability to make back-end changes, custom forms, queries, display - all without coding.



Free download of CMSsites



Quick, easy & powerful
web development system

Design, create and manage user editable sites, with forms, email & full user control.


What is CMSsites?

A feature rich system to build websites of any complexity without knowing any programming. 


Download and get going now.

A single Windows installer. No complex configuration. Easy to update, backup and migrate. 

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Tech specs and what you need to know

Machine and operating system requirements, advice and general support.


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