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What is CMSsites ?

CMSsites is a software Platform for website developers - professional web developers and graphic designers that installs onto a current Windows box or server. It is a complete toolbox of encapsulated components for creating and managing all sorts of websites from a simple single-pager to the most sophisticated e-commerce or data-management website. It is fully integrated and installs from a single download.

CMSsites uses the neatComponents™ CMS Platform which has been designed to bring your projects to completion in days, not months. There is no coding, no programming and it is still fully flexible - without requiring creative compromises. Components always work - there is no debugging thousands of lines of code and you never have to worry about interpreting code when staff turnover.

The fundamental point of using neatComponents is to increase your profitability by making it easy to do things which are otherwise difficult. It is not that CMSsites enables you to something which is otherwise impossible, it is that it makes it profitable ... and that's the difference between making websites as a hobby and as a business.



  • Easy large-scale web development.
  • Fast small scale web development.
  • Integrated email and Tweeting.
  • Easily manage data structures.
  • Build websites with self managing navigation.
  • Full Content Management & publication control.
  • Comprehensive User Management.
  • E-commerce engine with payment integration.

CMSsites explainedCMSsites makes it easy for businesses to keep their Internet presence up to date without employing specialist web site maintenance staff, constantly contacting their web design company for updates, or diverting from their core competencies with a ‘D.I.Y’ system.

Integrated email systems make it very easy to notify all the customers on your emailing-list when an update is made to the website. Integrated RSS and Twitter™ feeds make it easy to keep the site profile updated.

Once a website has been constructed it is a simple matter to add, remove or edit content is a safe, secure environment. There are no special skills to learn, or programming to understand. Adding or changing pages, editing text or updating pictures is all done from an ordinary Internet browser: there is no need for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools, or database manipulation.
The neatComponents CMSsites system takes care of everything.

Web Designers

CMSsites brings the power of the neatComponents world-class content management system to all web designers at a price that anyone can afford - FREE. You can now create a website for your customer that they can update themselves – instantly and safely from their own browser. Read about the business case for CMSsites

Customer Benefits

As a web-design professional you know how important it is to your customer to have updates made to their website quickly and accurately – but you also know how difficult it can be to integrate updates into current workflow. CMSsites solves that problem by allowing the customer 24/7 access to the site.

Comprehensive, but easy to use, access settings let you control exactly which areas of the site can be changed by your customer. There need to worry about the site structure being damaged. Page editing is straightforward and easy to do: the system has been designed to be operated by secretarial support staff. There is no need for expensive and skilled operators to manage the website.

Multiple hosting options mean that your customer doesn't have to have up-front capital costs and the free license or very low usage charges cover all the licensing, server and maintenance costs. There is no additional software to buy and no hidden charges.

 Financial Benefits

CMSsites preserves your bottom line. You can produce more websites, faster and with many fewer staff than before. CMSsites has powerful built in cloning, which allows you to recreate websites at a stroke, saving days of complex site configuration. Read about CMSsites for web designers

The up-front cost of a CMSsites license is low, which leaves a larger amount of your customers’ budgets to be spent on your Creatives, and using the built-in hosting system can provide you with an ongoing income-stream into the future. Read about

Business Users

neatComponents doesn't need skilled staff that are hard to find and are a hassle to manage. Direct employment is expensive with major headaches in employment law, vacation and benefit provision. Outsourcing to contract workers or overseas can consume more management time that you have available. neatComponents means you don't need the expensive staff you thought you did. Workflow-locking and Approval Controls keep you in control. There are flexible licensing options, including pay-as-you-go. Read about CMSsites for Corporate users

IT Users

neatComponents provides dozens of discrete components to enable and control all aspects of web development: Input Forms, Data Feeds, Multiple data types - all with Standard or Secure storage. Data is structured on an exposed relational database with data queries, data joins and form links. The Form-Query-View system allows the construction of multiple data-entry pages with tight display control. Email integration via a built-in mail server provides automatic form field embedding and Email-on-Event. Data is stored centrally, so there are no version-control problems. Record-locking is automatic. neatComponents is a perfect platform for an AGILE development environment.
Read about CMSsites for the IT user

























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Content Management System.

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CMSsites installs onto your own Windows PC either local or hosted.

CMSsites comes with a free template that will have you in business in minutes, but  it is also a fully flexible platform that can be extended and customized to grow with your organization - and ambitions.